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I have been sharing our home with this wonderful breed for several  years. There is not a day that goes by were I  do not fall more and more in love with this spectacular  breed !    As I stated in the statement ABOUT US  I never though in a million years that I would have a small dog ,but this is one of the most amazing breeds that I have ever had the honor to call mine and to have in our home .    The Biewers average weight is between four to eight  pounds, with this amazing package you get a Very sound ,Stable, well balanced dog with a Great temperament, and intelligent which makes them the  classical companion dog. 
Because of the size of the Biewer they are excellent apartment dogs.  they are not a dog that barks a lot ,they are great with children and they get along very well with other pets.  If  you have never owned a dog before the Biewer is a perfect match for you .  They are a Very healthy breed , their average life span is 15 years.    However When buying  a Biewer  make sure that the breeder  breeding stock patella luxation  are OFA normal ,that the parents have had CERF certification clear for heritible eye disease ,and they are parentage DNA certified , along with the UC Davis Genetic Diversity Test.                                                    
 The Biewer coat is hair which help with any person who is allergic to dogs .  Unless you are showing your Biewer and keeping it coat long, a puppy cut is very easy to care for , brushing your dog twice a week and then having it groomed every six weeks, well keep the Biewer coat in top shape.  

If I was to do a Pro and Con List for this breed the Pro would go on for ever and I really do believe that the Con would  not have one single thing written on it