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Female Biewer Terrier Puppy
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 December 2014

Some time ago we started to think about our next dog as our Bichon was getting older.  We wanted a smaller dog that we could take with us on our travels.  As I researched toy breeds I came across information about a new and rare -breed -Biewers.  We spend the summer in Seattle and there was a breeder close by Enumclaw, Wa. I called and talked to Donna about her dogs and asked if I could bring my grandchildren to visit. She said yes and we arrived to visit  the most adorable an agreeable dogs I have ever seen.

  All of the dogs, moms and 2 litters let us play with them.  Donna keeps her dogs in the house with her, they are clean, safe and healthy.  We bought Cookie home with us in December 2014.  
  She is the best dog I ever had- beautiful, smart, playful, loyal, adaptable, quite, and endearing.   I have been waiting for Donna to breed more puppies because everyone stops me and wants to know where to get a Biewer.  I wish I could have more !

Diana ​ Mc Makin

December 19 2014

This is to let you know how pleased I am with my Biewer I received from I got Shelby on 12/19/2014 after my 19yr old Yorkshire  Terrier passed away.   I had Tucker since conception of his mother and he was put into service dog training from 6 old.  He became a Medical Alert dog for my low blood sugar. So when he passed needless t say I was lost and needed a new service dog.  I wanted another Yorkie but knew I could not get one that would be as good as Tucker was.  I knew about  the Biewer so started looking for one way before Tucker passed.  After he passed I ran across Donna Hannity and knew she had some for sale.  After talking with her and letting her know what I needed and wanted in the dog, I drove up and took a look at Miss Shelby.  What can I say? She was all about play time, lol. I noticed she was focused on her task at hand which was a sock  To make a longer story shorter, Donna told me to take her and try her out for a month and see how she does.  Well the first week was tough the second better and the third she settled in.  Took her to my Vet and my Vet was so surprised how well bred Shelby was an told me to tell the breeder she says, kudos to her.  She said  I had gotten a very well bred, healthy an beautiful dog and you don't see many of them around that are in Shelby's condition.  So then in a couple of months we begin our service dog training, Shelby was evaluated and she got the go ahead.  She is a very smart, eager to please, happy dog. She passed her certification with Washington state and is in the Service dog program and also received her Natinal registration.  She has her Medical Alert vest now and is doing great for 3 years of training.  She has 3 more years of training to make sure she is as the term goes bomb proof.  I have to laugh at her because she is such a happy loving thing that when she is corrected for not doing what was asked, the world just end.  She looks guilty as all get out.  She is sensitive, but that is what makes her  sensitive to my blood sugar levels.  She is a well bred dog and very smart . So anyone looking for a excellent well breed Biewer, I recommend Donday's You won't be disappointed .

Recommendation for Donday Biewers

One afternoon at our local coffee shop my husband, daughter and I met a spunky & cute dog.  This dog had such  special spark about him that we knew we had to get a dog like that of our own.  The owner of that dog told us about Donday Biewers.I contacted Donna Hannity right away and found out she had one dog  available.
  We went out to meet Cookie and fell in love.   Cookie is just as sweet, happy, and beautiful and well adjusted as the first Biewer we met.
  Donna has such a passion for her dogs and the Biewer breed.  Her care for them shows though her dogs with their wonderful dispositions.  Cookie is our first dog and we were nervous about how to own a dog.  Donna has been helpful.  She constantly goes above and beyond answering my questions by phone, e.mails, text .  She was been such an amazing resource for us.
   Cookie has been our dog for about 6 months.  We love the bond between cookie and my 7 year old daughter.  She is so gentle with all children.  She also is eager t please and loves to be held.   Cookie isn't  a yappy dog at all which we really appreciate.  The only bark she will do is when someone knocks on our front door.  She our perfect dog.  I can't say enough about Cookie or of Donday Biewers, and the Biewer breed!
Brown & White Biewer Terrier Puppy
Brown & White Biewer Terrier Puppy
Reference Letter From Tanya and  Randy Phelps
Reference letter from Ruth Jones