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UC Davis Genetic Diversity reports for Donday                                          Biewers 

 Since Donday went to UC Davis and talked with Dr. Pedersen to get the Biewer's  into the Genetic Diversity Test,  Donday has enrolled  everyone of our breeding dogs into the UC Davis  Genetic Diveristy Study before even thinking about breeding them.
   We want to know that we are doing everything we can to improve  the breed.  
​   UC Davis Genetic Diversity is a continuing  study for the Biewer , as we go through the different stages of the study, UC Davis is looking for different markers that could affect our breeds Health and Longevity.  (Please understand )  it is NOT  a commercial DNA test  for your dog.
  You are entering your dog into the Study for the Biewer 's Breed,  ONLY ! 

 If you want to know more about this study please go  to UC Davis Genetic Diveristy click on the Biewer Breed .
         Donday Dam's
            Donday Sire's
   Donday has tested  every  litter since the Biewer Breed was enrolled into the UC Davis Genetic Diversity Study.
               Donday litter of five  males from
Donday Lacey  and  Linus from My        
         Beautiful Tribe litter's reports 
Donday Laceys brother  Donday  Rufus     
Donday ZZ Gidget and Darcy's Benefit Gold Litter of  four females 
    Donday Lacey  and Darcy Benefit Gold Litters  results.  

  Looking at the results , you can see that all of them  are different,  unless you test everyone you just don't know if your watching your most diversified  puppy walk way.
None of these results are bad !  This information is giving me the  knowledge  that I  need to help improve my  lines, and breed healthier puppies, for the new owners  that I'm fortunate to sell to. 
Peerless Success of  Snow Avalanche                                   And                                            Donday Dylan VGL results
                           Ch Donday ZZ  Gidget                                                                                      And                                                                                    Donday Dylan VGL Report